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Love Letters at Ronnie Nights ☆☆☆

Love Letters Zine upstairs at Ronnie Nights providing a night of ur fave solo musicians doing their best solo things. 

Love Letters Monthly Grooves - September Edition

September’s edition of our Monthly Grooves playlist featuring Mitski, Betty Davis, Kaiit, whenyoung, Babeheaven, Nai Palm, Snail Mail + more.

A Love Letter To: ANOHNI

Creating intricate dreamy melodies as half of Dundee based duo ST.MARTiiNS, Katie Lynch has penned a love letter to singer, composer, and visual artist ANOHNI. 

Junior Spirit: An Interview with Cosima Jaala

“I didn’t think I could, nor did I have the training. I thought it was for the boys or something."

We chat music beginnings and newfound vulnerability with powerhouse and front-woman of Melbourne three piece Jaala.