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A Femmes To The Front: Part 2

Continuing our Femmes To The Front series, we present the second part of our ongoing series where we photograph women in the music industry, and chat the musicians who have inspired them the most. 

Featuring Jennifer Aslett, Your Girl Pho, Hyclass and more.

Love Letters Monthly Grooves - August Edition

Wow it’s the August edition of our monthly playlist. Featuring Sugababes, Lijadu Sisters, Jade Imagine, Totally Mild, PJ Harvey, Hana Vu + more.

Junior Spirit: An Interview with Cosima Jaala

“I didn’t think I could, nor did I have the training. I thought it was for the boys or something."

We chat music beginnings and newfound vulnerability with powerhouse and front-woman of Melbourne three piece Jaala.

A Love Letter To: Kate Bush

"Thank you for the countless hours spent in my bedroom dancing to your music, mimicking the beautifully bizarre actions you have created."