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A Love letter to: patti smith

“You’ve taught me how to be alright in my own vulnerability; to understand vulnerability as something beautiful, that encourages love and true friendship, true connections in our lives.”

A Love letter to: angel olseN

“I let your own heartbreak, pain and emotions weave into mine, finding great comfort in knowing you too had experienced what I was feeling and that you had created an extraordinary piece of art because of it.”


Eliza Shaddad on her debut album Future, her musical journey, and Girls Girls Girls the feminist arts collective he co-runs which merges music, art, science, and tech, creating safe and inspirational spaces for women.


♡♡♡Love Letters Issue 2 Fundraiser Snaps

All the party pics from our sold out Issue 2 Fundraiser at Mojo’s Bar Fremantle.

a love letter to: courtney barnett

“Your music gives me a voice because it says the things that go over in my head at three in the morning, while searching for some sort of meaning in the ceiling.”