A Note From Lola & Pam


Love Letters Zine is an independent, printed publication dedicated to femme/non-binary people in music and we launched Issue 001 in February this year.

Love Letters exists to celebrate the people in music who have inspired and impacted our own lives and work, and is greatly influenced by original DIY fan zines. We also aim to create a space for important conversations in music, covering topics such as representation, diversity, and working within the industry.

Right now Love Letters is an annual publication thanks to it being super £$£$ to self publish, and the fact we're split across opposite ends of the world - with Pam finishing her university degree in Australia and Lola back home in the UK.

So we introduce loveletterszine.com - a space to share more interviews, conversations and music we love in between our printed issues. There's SO much goodness out there we want to share and we hope you discover a new artist, voice, or perspective from the site.

If you ever want to join in, you can write to us with your own pitches/music/submissions/love letters to hello@loveletterszine.com.


Lots of love,

Lola & Pam x