A Love Letter To: Gabriella Cohen and Kate Dillon by Nice Biscuit


Nice Biscuit frontwomen, Billie and Grace pen a love letter to fellow Brisbane artists Gabriella Cohen and Kate Dillon (Full Flower Moon Band). 

Billie Star and Grace Cuell front the Brisbane, psych-pop six-piece of your glitzy disco dreams, Nice Biscuit. The pair not only make musical magic, but also craft their own matching stage outfits including velvet pantsuits, DIY pom-pom earrings, and incredible pink bell sleeve tops made from up-cycled curtains and bed sheets. They're also the best of pals so it only makes sense that they would write this letter together.

Truly sisters and role models in their own right, this letter is a beautiful testament to sisterhood as Billie and Grace say thank you to fellow Brisbane duo, Gabriella Cohen and Kate Dillon.


Dear Gabriella and Kate, 

We discovered your music at a time when we were just starting out in the industry ourselves. You both quickly became our role models and set the benchmark for our musical aspirations. We had never found anyone with a partnership like ours, until we met you. Two women with an unconditional bond with shared ideas, a creative and nurturing force, constantly reassuring and building each other up.  

You were one of the first to believe in us, you heard our first demo on SoundCloud and you asked us to play with you. That was one of our most fond shows (our second official gig) and so many great things came from the support you gave us. 

Although the sounds of Full Flower Moon Band and Gabriella Cohen are somewhat incomparable in a lot of ways, the incredible strength of both styles of songwriting beams out of every note. Both projects have taken us through a myriad of sounds, pulling us through an inspiring whirlwind of genres and time periods. Gabriella, your two albums “Full Closure and No Details” and “Pink is the Colour of Unconditional Love” are both absolute staple albums for us. And Kate, your album “Chinatown” and the accompanying short film are truly audio and visual masterpieces.

You have opened up a lot for women in the music industry, especially Brisbane women. Both of you are multi-instrumentalists with skills in engineering and producing, showing the industry how much women really can do on their own. We both have our own solo musical projects we would like to embark on one day, and just like you two, we will always be by each other's side. 

You both command the stage with such complimentary energies of fierceness and integrity. Watching you perform together is a truly inspiring experience, always lifting each other higher, one never overbearing the other, a sincere display of musical and creative equilibrium. 

Women like you are important today for so many reasons. Together you embody a kind of creative sisterhood that is honest, supportive and determined. You are showing the industry that women don’t have to compete for their place, and that our force is stronger when working together. All of our futures depend on this kind of energy, one that is neither ruthless or competitive, but rather, compassionate and encouraging.

Love always,

Billie and Grace.



You can listen to Nice Biscuit's new EP Captain/Fairfield of Dreams here.