A Love Letter Playlist By Hairband

Original Photo by Alice Smoth for Artsy Vice Show

Original Photo by Alice Smoth for Artsy Vice Show

Despite only forming just over a year ago, Glasgow 5-piece Hairband are fast becoming one of our favourite bands.

Featuring members of Breakfast Muff, The Yawns, Spinning Coin, Lush Purr, Kaputt, and Rocky Lorelei, the supergroup have come together to bless our ears with their jangly riffs, and intricate harmonies.

We're v excited to have Hairband play our website launch party in Glasgow as they join our lineup of other femme music makers. In prep for our party, they've put together a playlist of the musicians that inspire them the most for you to wrap your ears around.

An audio love letter - listen to it below.


Make sure you come join Hairband, Freakwave, 4mina (Katie of ST.MARTiiNS solo), LALOLA (Love Letters editor Lola Stephen) ++ DJ Moonbather (Date Night) and DJ Chipslut (Aus) Wednesday 11th July at Nice N Sleazy's. Doors £5 from 7.30pm.

Follow Hairband on: 

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/hairbanddd

Instagram: @hairbanddd