A Love Letter To: ANOHNI


Creating intricate dreamy melodies as half of Dundee based duo ST.MARTiiNS, Katie Lynch has penned a love letter to singer, composer, and visual artist ANOHNI. 

Short but incredibly sweet and honest, Katie reminds us of how special it is when we connect so deeply with an artist, and just how important their music can be to us in the varying stages of our lives.


I first heard your music in my dad's car. The sound of it isolated my unmitigated loneliness for each passing moment it filled my head. It was a private performance, just for me at exactly the time I needed it.

You have soundtracked my escape to another city and almost every person that left me to make my own way home. When I’m drunk, when my friend died, when I’m both so blue and happy all the time, your music made sense to me.

You were true to yourself in a field where all the experiences of women were secondary to men, and I heard that. I think, like me, you see the potential in the world and all the people in it and it scares us both that sticking around is sometimes the harder choice.

Whenever anyone asks who has inspired my own music the most, I would say that you did. Not because I want to sound like you but because I want to be as true as you.

Love from Katie.




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