Love Letters Monthly Grooves - September Edition


It’s September which means two things:

1. My SAD kicks in with every second there is less of sunshine here in the UK and I block all my southern hemisphere pals so I can’t see their really hot beach pics (not really) (or maybe only some).

2. It’s time for a new ~Monthly Grooves~ playlist (and yep still working on a better name).

We’ve got an even bigger selection for you this month which includes three wonderful helpings of Elizabeth Fraser with both her own Cocteau Twins and an appearance on a Felt track, new ones from Mitski, Cat Power, Hyclass, and whenyoung. PLUS bonus bops from Nelly Furtado and Destiny's Child.

Wow we're good to your ears.

Be sure to have a listen below and follow the playlist to keep up to date each month.