A Love Letter To: Kate Bush


By Bree Bannister

Dear Kate Bush,

You never cease to amaze me.

You have created this bewildering world, where not only do you just sing, play and share your music; you mingle all kinds of theatre, dance, storytelling, and mime to create an art form that is so very you.

I’ve spent time with you over the years, a slow love, with memories of my younger self watching the visual for Running Up That Hill and as an aspiring dancer at the time, was transfixed. I had never seen a performance like that before and you showed me that I could be an awe-inspiring dancer through emotion and feeling rather than just being technically trained. To feel the music the way that you do and to make these organic movements created through the lyrics of the song is spellbinding.

Dancing competitively from the age of five meant focus was always on being a good technical dancer; teachers drilling into us that “if your legs go as high as the sky and if your torso is a thin as a stick” then you are a good dancer. But you showed me the most captivating form of dance that reinforced my love for movement and inspired me to successfully audition for the WA Academy of Performing Arts and for that I thank you.

Today I am still discovering your music and the stories that you tell, delving deep into your mystifying world, blown away by the creativity and the rawness of your art. Your lyrics are so elegantly clever and I adore your wild voice and crazy melodies that only make sense when you submit yourself to them.

I remember hearing an interview where you were once asked, “Why do you write music about other people?” to which you responded, “Because it's much more interesting than my life”. I understood your answer almost more than your music. I find myself trying to create stories about other people, their experiences and what I see around me. I don’t see my own world as something to write about and that’s okay.

So thank you for being the mysterious magical woman that you are. Thank you for The Dreaming, Hounds of Love, The Kick Inside. Thank you for the countless hours spent in my bedroom dancing to your music, mimicking the beautifully bizarre actions you have created. Thank you for everything, for you have truly shown me how to dance through my life... without boundaries.  

All my love,




Originally published in Love Letters Issue 001.

Photographs of Bree Bannister and Lola Stephen in ode to Kate's Babooshka videos. (Thanks to Gideon for taking on a hot summer's afternoon and Angus for letting us dance with his double bass).