A Love Letter To: Kate Nash


Tallulah Webb, founder of Sad Club Records pens a love letter to Kate Nash for Love Letters Issue 2.

A myriad of emotions from hate to love, Tallulah breaks down her teenage self, stripping away her previous misconceptions into full appreciation and adoration for Kate Nash and her music.

Collage by Pamela Boland

Collage by Pamela Boland

By Tallulah Webb

A Love Letter To: Kate Nash

Dear Kate,

I have a notes section on my phone of love (and hate) letters to people written when I’m on aeroplanes and I think I’m going to die - as if the medical team’s main priority was to recover my phone and have these notes sent to famous people around the world from some dead girl.

My last one was to Laura Esquivel, writer of Como Agua Para Chocolate as hate mail for writing the damn book, and making that the last thing I do before I died. I hated her and her stupid very compelling and mystifying book, and maybe more myself for taking hours to read it having to look up every 10th word in the Spanish dictionary.

Some edits aside, this one started as a note on my phone to Kate Nash about a year ago, believing I was going to die in about 5 minutes, probably from the plane spontaneously combusting or getting lost in the Bermuda Triangle as it always does.

I heard Foundations for the first time on the radio when I was about 10. I HATED IT. I hated all that commercial bullshit. I had reached double figures and I was beyond popular music. I played CELLO for gods sake. I was above this.

Even worse was that the day I first heard the song, was the same day my crush kissed my enemy in the library. Yeah I HATED EVERYTHING about that song and I even hated you.

I was only into Real Rock MusicTM (in public) until I was about 16, like The Cribs and The Libertines. I was also a terrible person, a freaky antisocial teenager. But, listened to Ryan Jarman’s cover of your song Do Wah Doo and I sobbed. You, the woman who ruined by tweenage years, dating my ultimate music crush, and now with him covering your song. I gave in.

I started listening to your entire discography. It finally clicked in me that you don’t actually have to pretend to be someone you’re not, and the essence of ‘cool’ is so fucking ridiculous.

While I was going through this strange stage of puberty, it was My Best Friend Is You that I was listening to. You’re so fucking cool. You’re polite, but gutsy. You’re so unafraid, but fragile. You’re so honest. You won’t take shit from anyone.

I first saw you a few years ago in Leeds at the university venue. It was filled with 16 year olds and I was 20, drunk and very excited. I was right at the barrier, singing so loud. All of my friends thought I was an idiot and going for ‘ironic reasons’ and listened to her ‘ironically’. Yeah, man, totally. ..?!?!!

No, fuck off. I don’t care. Kate, I fucking LOVE you,


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