A Love Letter To: Princess Nokia

Collage by Pamela Boland

Collage by Pamela Boland

By Tasha Faye

Dear Princess Nokia,

Thank you for your voice, thank you for your strength, and thank you for inspiring me as a woman of colour.

In light of recent events, and more than ever, I have been made to feel so small, so vulnerable, so powerless, and so voiceless as a woman of colour. Thank you for your music, and your words, they constantly remind me that it is okay – in fact, more than okay – to take up space in this world. To be unapologetic; speak what’s on my mind if something is bothering me, but only if it is not at the expense of my mental and emotional state. The first song of yours I ever heard was Brujas and it has stuck with me ever since, this line in particular – don’t you fuck with my energy.

I’ve been thinking a lot about the voices of women of colour, and how we often go unheard and/or are forgotten, and have much less weight relative to those of white women, and for that I am so grateful for your powerful voice; you are magic.

I’ve watched a video compilation of you calling out (white) men on their bullshit and it gives me life. Your fearlessness inspires me, thank you for using your power to speak up and stand up for those who are unable to, calling out those who are unaware of and have not checked their privilege.

I love how you write about not conforming to conventional beauty standards in your songs, all the while just being yourself and absolutely loving every fucking thing about yourself. You make me feel powerful in my body, my flawed, disproportionate body, marked by stretch marks, scars, hair and ink. Your confidence and empowerment is infectious, thank you for existing.

“I am divine feminine energy. And a part of that does not match with the conventional beauty, sometimes, of what sensuality, or society has inferred.”





Originally published in Love Letters Issue 001.