Love Letters from The Great Escape


It’s been a couple of weeks since we hit Brighton for our very first The Great Escape festival and in between the finishing our next issue, we’ve found the time to bring you our snaps from the weekend.

We’ve put together a special TGE offshoot from our ongoing series where we photograph women and non-binary musicians and those working in music and ask them the following:

“As Love Letters is an ode to woman and non-binary people in music, who would you say has impacted and influenced you in your work the most and why?”.

Check out who we snapped below.




“It's so hard to choose just one musician who has inspired us the most, as there has been and still are so many amazing influential gals out there. But to name a few, Stevie Nicks, Chrissy Amphlet and Sister Rosetta Tharpe were/are amazing woman who have paved the way for all musicians in the world.

They are such a prime example of confidence and absolutely ruling what they do and it's such an important and powerful thing to see as a young woman.”


Josephine McNamara

White Room Band

“When I was a child, Aretha Franklin was the soundtrack of road trips to Cornwall (seems like most musicians backstory about their first impactful listening experience starts with a long car journey with an eagerly sharing parent). An obvious choice, maybe, but Aretha was the first and despite the artists I’ve learnt from since, I can’t deny her initial and long lasting influence.

If music is transcendent and arguably singing is the rawest human form of sonic expression, then I’d fight anyone who’d say she didn’t do it the best. Although Aretha's roots and I’m surface level and obviously at times our musical styles differ, she's why I fell hard for music in the first place, subsequently she’s part of everything I do.”

Dana (Porridge Radio)


“I am not sure who has influenced me the most, I think I get inspiration from everyone and everything around me to write and create. There's so many artists who I love, it feels weird and hard to choose. I started learning guitar by learning Cat Power and Neil Young songs, so those seem like obvious choices, but I think the main way I learnt to write and create and play instruments is from being in bands with my friends and learning from them. Bands like Suep, Garden Centre, JPWR especially have inspired me loads in recent years.”


Shannon Cotton

Editor in Chief, Gig Wise

“Growing up in the mundane and sheltered surroundings of the Isle of Wight, discovering Lily Allen’s music aged 12 was the breath or fresh air, or perhaps the backhand in the face, I needed. The sounds of the city that bled into her music instantly made me want to up sticks and explore the world around me, and in turn introduced me to a wealth of music I’d never heard before. Her fearless approach to writing still to this day inspires me and makes me believe I can do anything I set my mind to.”

Body Type


“The undeniable truth of Body Type is that we are all influenced primarily by one another. As four women who blindly dove head first into this project, we have learnt together, evolved together, built off each other. Of course we have all brought our own individual influences to the table but moving forward in our performing and songwriting, our influence on one another is becoming even more apparent”


Phoebe Anastasia

PR and Communications Executive, Record Store Day

“Big love to all the ladies I’m lucky enough to work with every day. It’s not often you get to learn in an all female office, especially in this industry. Not forgetting the IVW crew too. Oh and Florence always.”


Katie Willoughby


“Being completely honest, most of the women & non binary people who have influenced me and my work are the ones I have actually met and formed friendships with over the last few years. I consider myself incredibly lucky to be surrounded by so many inspiring and creative women in all areas of the music industry, I don’t think I could narrow it down without writing a full essay.”

María Torres

Artist Manager

“ Being an artist manager there have been numerous amazing women/non-binary musicians who influence me in my day-to-day life. I have to say that Izzy Bee Philips, front woman of Black Honey is one of my inspirations and is also one of my most supportive friends. She knows what she wants and she strives towards it, no matter the challenges.

She is an incredible role model for young women, a powerful figure who embodies hard work, success and creativity all in one. Having met her early on in my career, she always supported me in everything that I did and is always encouraging. Izzy gave me the confidence to be a music manager when I wasn’t sure what career I wanted to pursue and for that I am forever grateful! She’s a star and someone we should all look up to.”