Love Letters Green Man Picks


We are headed to Green Man this week to stare at some lovely Welsh mountains and watch some very beloved musicians. If you are too, read on for Pam and Al’s hot picks.


We have been looking forward to Green Man ALL summer, and would even go so far as to say it would be our pick for the festival season (woah, big call). It’s a festival that has, and continues to remain conscious of the importance of representation and diversity on their lineups… and that’s essentially dirty talk to us.

This year is no exception, it’s a real stunnin’ one.

We’ve put together our list of top picks from this fantastic festival PLUS put them all into a handy playlist for you. Catch you there.

Aldous Harding

We talk about this woman all the time. So if you don’t know who she is, grab a cup of tea or go for a walk and listen to her entire discography, there will be tears (thanks to 2017’s Party) and then there will be dancing (à her latest release Designer). Aldous hails from the land of Jacinda Arden and pineapple lumps and her tender vocals and considered dance moves are not one to be missed.


Yo La Tengo

All over from melodic folk to noise rock and back again, this band is a pillar of indie-rock goodness and have been around the block. One of the headliners of the festival, and innately listenable they can get your mum and dad up and swaying as much as they can you. Three decades of music under their belt, they must be doing something right and you’d be a fool to miss them. This video is from a studio recording of Autumn Sweater in 1977, I couldn’t stop waiting for the camera to pan back to Georgia Hubley.


Sharon Van Etten

If you are not excited to hold your friends close and yell all the words to ‘Every Time The Sun Comes Up’, then we’re not sure what to tell you, get your priorities in order. Her fifth studio album came out earlier this year and it was definitely one on repeat for us. Exploring a heavier sound and synths galore, she moves through thoughts about motherhood and mental health, complex love and more. She is truly one of our favourites on the lineup this year.


Dry Cleaning

A South London four piece with a bit of post-punk and new wave going on. Mix in a bit of low-slung Americana, add super fantastic, clever lyrics, vocals and spoken word, and you’ve got Dry Cleaning. They are a solid favourite about the London scene at the moment, and for good reason. You’ll be nodding like a champion in time with the lead lines if you catch their set.


Say Sue Me

Surf-rock band hailing from Korea. Very fun. A permanent fixture in Love Letters playlists since Lola saw them perform in Korea early last year. They’ve been kicking around for a while and their sound only improves and improves, they can do no wrong! New album We’ve Sobered Up is a bop and half go and listen to it right now.

Catch us smiling away at their set over the weekend.



This act will fulfill all your pop needs for the weekend. A Welsh native, she is no stranger to the magical countryside, and no stranger to performance either. Gwenno has been releasing solo stuff since 2002, and performed with her sister in The Pipettes until 2011 which saw her change course and begin performing with Australian dance act PNAU. Her solo stuff spans from lo-fi electro pop to big fleshed out synthy pop anthems, her latest release Le Kov landing somewhere in the middle. One to catch for sure.



This psychedelic-bass-squelch band are so cosmically far-out in sound and aesthetic that it’s only fitting that they’ll be playing Green Man’s equivalent. Having just put out a dub remix of their highly acclaimed second album Con Todo El Mundo, this will be perfect for a chai in hand Friday boogie before the sun comes up.


Julia Jacklin

We talk about this woman a lot. You know. Sorry about it, but here we go again.

She has a magical ability to just get people. Fun fact: live, there’s a bit in her first album’s Coming Of Age where Harry her bassist shouts ‘woo’ right before the last chorus break and it gets us chuckling every time. Rest assured, if you see us there we’ll be holding our breaths for that very moment (and just generally holding our breaths in awe). 


The Big Moon

Hey Big Moon where do we sign up to join your gang of badass? Relentless riotous riffs with a touch of sass are indefinitely guaranteed. We’re predicating their set to be like a giant sleepover karaoke session but like, hosted by some true rock star professionals and in a field… Promise us you’ll either take your friends with you to see them or make some new ones on the ride.


Stella Donnelly

What can we say about Stella that we haven’t said before. She’s pretty darn fearless with enough liberated lyricisms to build an army of significance and, performing with a full band, she’ll be the perfect 3pm pick to power you through the rest of the festival.  


Big ThIEf

Mountain Stage dwellers Big Thief are going to be adding their surrealist signature of raw lushness to the Brecon Beacon magic and we couldn’t be more emotionally prepared. Returning once again to Green Man but now with a new album to their name, it’ll be undoubtedly jaw dropping beautiful and we can’t wait for the sun to set during.  


Anna St. Louis

Self-taught instrumentalist and painter Anna St. Louis is oh so absorbingly cool in a river running through the soul kinda way and we love it. Divinely nostalgic of Patsy Cline days gone by but with a spirit that’s true to her own heart and Mid-Western upbringing, we believe Anna’s performance will be one to look back on in dreamed reminiscence once we return home. 



Gorgeous and romantic lo-fi bedroom pop is what 18-yo Bea is responsible for. This London gal released her debut EP last year and casued quite a stir, now with an army of loyal ears she has released her second EP Loveworm. Feeling out her sound a bit more, she’s added more to it and leaned more towards slow rock sound, still with a pop sensibilty. If you are feelin’ a little precious, maybe a little sore, make sure to catch her set to sort that right out.


Stealing Sheep

Folk with a massive electro edge, shimmery synths and pretty drums with biting cynicism. All hailing from Liverpool, they formed in 2010 and have a good chunk of releases under their belt. Be sure to catch this trio for a good boogie.



Even without a hilarious pun this trio of indie-pop goodness are very very fantastic. With a DIY spirit and ‘messages of peas and love’ they spread their wonderful sound and you can’t help but swoon a bit. It’s just some good wholesome indie pop, catch them if you can.



Dead-pan one liners about modern trappings against some art-rock dance-punk sounds is what this five-piece is all about, (wow Pam wanna use another hyphen?). Their releases cover all topics from Jack in Titanic to gentrification and their debut album Endless Scroll is definitely a must listen. There is a lot of energy, a lot of vigour, definitely one of our must sees.


Marika Hackman

Moving through her folk beginnings Marika Hackman has recently gifted us with a darker, dancier and unashamedly bigger pop sound than we’ve seen from her before. A London favourite for sure, she has shifted her lyrical gaze with her most recent release to provide an unflinching gaze on female sexuality. We are so ready for what we know will be a fantastic set from her, mark it down, get to her stage, that’s an order!


Nilüfer Yanya

We love this woman, we talk about her a lot, she’s a favourite, always a winner. If you are not already planning on seeing her, what are you doing, get yourself sorted. One of our Issue 2 cover stars, a shredder and a half, and with a bloody brilliant live show, Nilüfer is for sure one of the ones on everybody’s list for this year. She spans across jazz, indie, soul-pop and RnB, and her latest album Miss Universe is one of our faves of the year.



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