Love Letters from Green Man


Just over a week ago we descended upon the magical Brecon Beacons for our first ever Green Man festival. It was an incredibly special festival with insane mountains surrounds, marriage proposals from the postal service (see The Big Moon), and a lineup of dreams that really championed the importance of representation.

We’ve put together a special Green Man offshoot from our ongoing series Picture This; where we photograph women and non-binary musicians and those working in music and ask them the following:

“As Love Letters is an ode to woman and non-binary people in music, who would you say has impacted and influenced you in your work the most and why?”.

Check out who we caught below.


Caitlin Elliman

Wych Elm

“Mine is probably Kat (Bjelland) from Babes in Toyland because she is very unapologetically angry and she puts a lot of anger into her work. Before I listened to Babes in Toyland I didn’t really know that was a thing that could be done, once I started doing it I realised how cathartic it was, and it’s helped me a lot with my issues as well.”


Meg Duffy

Hand Habits

“Aldous Harding just blew my mind. I don’t like saying that people are the best, because I think that’s a stupid way to talk about music. That was the best performance I’ve see, I didn’t want to play my set, I just wanted to keep watching her. I really like how everything is really simple and spacious. I really like Lower Dens, Jana Hunter, seeing his transition and his public attitudes towards the music industry is really inspiring to me, even if it’s a bit pessimistic sometimes. ”


Choi Su-Mi

Say Sue Me

“Georgia in Yo La Tengo. They touched my soul!”


Ella Harris


“I think Laurie Anderson is absolutely incredible, her performance. I went to see her movie screened in Manchester, Above The Line did a screening of Home of the Brave, and it was theatrical and amazing. As a female musician, who is maybe quite shy, I like the idea of personifying your performance. Going on stage and finding a higher version of yourself that your are more comfortable with. Mine is going on stage and dancing and I’m a bit angry. Laurie really encompasses that and is really the performer, looking at the audience. 

In terms of music going around at the moment, there’s so much, I love Lizzo, she’s my queen. I watched her Tiny Desk the other day and was just *no words*. Jockstrap are amazing, Georgia is incredible she’s got a beautiful voice. Porridge Radio are killing it. Green Man Rising [Stage] is incredible this year, only one of the bands only had males in it, it’s so nice to see so many creative women and to work with them, we are not doing it to make a stand, we’re just good at it, its our job, it feels really empowering. Also, our manager Maddie is the strongest, busiest woman I’ve ever met and she’s fucking killing it .”


Louise Schofield

Presenter / Schofield TV

“One of my favourite presenters is Lauren Laverne, she is just fantastic, Radio 6 Music is one of my favourite stations anyway, and she just knows so much about music and her interviews are so good and love the way she’s so natural. It’s really nice to see a fellow blonde presenter! She dedicates her time to knowing all about new music, and I’m a bit of a music geek, so it’s nice knowing that people go as deep as I do! I think she’s a really inspiring person. She’s got the breakfast show now as well, it’s exciting there’s more women the radio, there’s hope for us all!”